In Formation

Monday, August 12


A Silent Seminarian

Nope. I haven't been silenced. I'm simply choosing to take the rest of August to get some things totally finished up (like my dissertation), to take a retreat, to help out my family with some summer tasks, and to visit some good friends in New England.

When I return to blogging, I will be entering my second year of theology at Mundelein. At that time, I will share some observations from my experiences this summer learning about ministry to African-American Catholics in Chicago. I will also hopefully have something more helpful to say about why I think the rhetorical rules of engagement for priests (and would-be priests) might be different from those of members of the laity. (By the way, please send in any observations you might have on that thesis. And thanks to those who have been kind enough to send their thoughts my way.)

Should you be interested, please check back around Labor Day. God willing, I will be back, bloggin' again about my time In Formation.

In the meantime, may God bless you all.

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